What is Webhosting?

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Every website consists of two things, which are a domain name and a Webhosting. When you need to open any website, then you basically need to enter the domain name in the address bar for example: (https://www.doctorhoster.com) then browser load up the content of the website which is store on Webhosting.

Webhosting is efficiently the method of using a server to host any website, and there are all kinds of Webhosting obtainable from the market. DoctorHoster, basically Webhosting and domain registration service providers, just like other hosting companies, they are offering a different type of Webhosting packages. So, their clients can pay for just the resources that they require. As compared to the market, DoctorHoster offering more resources for the website as compared to other hosting providers. The excellent thing is that with DoctorHoster, you can upgrade your Webhosting package as and when you required it, so you can start with a basic hosting plan and gradually upgrade to a Business or a VPS package later.

What is Linux Shared Hosting?

Linux Shared Webhosting is one of the most famous hosting packages because it gives an affordable route to getting your web online. Shared Webhosting operates by supporting many users to share space on an individual server owned by the hosting provider (DoctorHoster). A Shared Webhosting plan can accommodate various offers or mixtures of features as offered by their Webhosting provider. DoctorHoster Shared Webhosting is ideal for blogging, hobbies, and small business websites.

What are Shared Webhosting advantages?

When you sign up for a Shared Webhosting plan or package, your most important advantage is buying Webhosting at an affordable price. In addition to many features, our shared Webhosting platform is managed by us, which means clients do not have to worry about server management and updates. When you buy a DoctorHoster Shared Hosting package it also adds a Free SSL certificate, Free domain name (From Budget 2 to onward), and more.

What is the difference between Linux Shared Webhosting vs WordPress Hosting?

Anyone who has a website requires Webhosting to get their website online. Shared Webhosting is a cheap choice for fresh users that is affordable and can be used with WordPress Website. Any website hosted through DoctorHoster automatically has WordPress, which can be enabled by the user or can request our support team to enable and installed. WordPress Hosting is completely integrated with all the WordPress options to include automated WordPress updates & installation.

What is the difference between Linux Shared Webhosting vs VPS Hosting?

When you have a Shared Webhosting plan then you are one of the multiple users hosting their website on a single web server. This means a particular allocation of resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) is not assured for your website. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting gives more extra bandwidth and space to manage higher visitors to your website. VPS Hosting provides you to extend a website gradually so you can easily upgrade your website as it grows. Clients have a much higher degree of authority with VPS Hosting so you can customize your control configuration as per your requirements.

How do I get started with Linux Shared Webhosting?

DoctorHoster aims to make it comfortable for our clients to get their website online with the buying of our budget Webhosting plans. When you visit the DoctorHoster website you will select your Linux shared Webhosting plan. These packages vary in prices and features. Once you choose your Webhosting package, we will automatically install the newest version of WordPress for you. Once you are logged in then your website is online.

How do I migrate my website to DoctorHoster?

If you have a website and want to change your Webhosting services, then you will require some support with migration. DoctorHoster provides a migration service free of cost that can help you in getting all your files transferred securely and accurately. Transferring your website can be time-consuming and very difficult so we want to give you the best assistance possible from our team of specialists.

How does Webhosting work?

Your website is a collection of files and databases that are served to your visitors as they browse it. DoctorHoster will designate space for you to save your website and databases. When you sign up DoctorHoster, you will get credential details to access your Webhosting account. At DoctorHoster, we are offering cPanel, by using our control panel you can take out basic Webhosting management, resource usage, monitor, create email addresses, and can install content management systems like WordPress.

Are there various varieties of Webhosting services?

Yes! Webhosting comes in all different forms and capacities, with many setups suitable for different types of webmasters. Overall, Webhosting can be broken up into the following classes:

Linux Shared Webhosting: This is normally the budgeted form of Webhosting because it’s the most affordable when it comes to the use of hardware. Linux Shared Webhosting means that multiple different websites are hosted on the same server, with each user being designated a certain amount of space and a specific number of resources. This is usually the best choice for small businesses and bloggers.

VPS Hosting: A VPS (Virtual Private Server) setup is like a shared Webhosting setup on steroids. It generally works with more powerful hardware and gets its name from the fact that while many websites are being stored on the same physical hardware, each uses virtualization software to acknowledge them to operate individually as though they were dedicated small servers.

Dedicated Hosting Servers: Dedicated hosting servers are a great choice for the pros, and as its name recommends, it requires the use of a server that’s dedicated to a single website. In other words, unlike shared hosting and VPS hosting, the client does not have to share storage and resources with other customers, and they have a physical arrangement of hardware all to themselves.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud Webhosting enables webmasters to tap into a large group of servers that are all interlinked and planned to take over from each other if required. In other words, if you require more resources, the cloud server will give more support to succeed to the demand. Cloud hosting is normally the most suitable option if you need to try for 100% uptime and do not care how much you want to spend for it.

DoctorHoster provides a mix of shared and cloud Webhosting. This service allows us to give fast Webhosting with almost 100% uptime at an unbeatable price.

Do I require to have the technical expertise to use DoctorHoster Webhosting?

Not at all! DoctorHoster makes it as easy as possible for beginner users to pick up the basics as they require. Many of the daily duties, such as installing a CMS (content management system) or setting up an email address, can be done with some clicks and with no technical expertise.

While it is easy to pick up the basics and make moving, our Webhosting Plans are also suitable for expert developers. After all, there is no purpose because something cannot be both customer-friendly and important at the same time. If you are trying, there is no lack of online guides to walk you through the most general tasks that you might need to carry out, and we also have a customer support team who will be more than nice to assist if you get stuck. But for most of our clients, no help is required – and if you just need to start in and get started, it is more responsive and smoother than signing up for a modern social network.

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a control panel that works as a separate account, plan for managing your Linux Shared Webhosting service on the server. You will be able to create your website with our Website Builder as well as manage and upload files, create an email account, and check the statics of your websites, all in one place. Your cPanel (Control Panel) login details are found in your Email.

What kind of websites can be transferred from another Webhosting provider with DoctorHoster’s free migration service?

The migration process from another Webhosting provider to DoctorHoster is free of cost, and we promise fast migration from cPanel-to-cPanel. Manual website migration is also feasible and depending on the specific case.

Will Shared Linux Webhosting work with my WordPress website?

Yes! With our Softaculous one-click installer you will get your WordPress website up and working in no time.

What should I consider when choosing a Webhosting provider?

Besides the pricing, there are some essential guidelines to think about when choosing what Webhosting provider to use. You should look for Server speed, Bandwidth, uptime, and resource limits, customization possibilities, and what kind of help they offer.

Should I take VPS Hosting rather than Shared Linux Webhosting?

A VPS gives you access to your server, one that’s divided up into many virtual servers with designated resources (bandwidth and disk space) as well as an operating system (OS) of your choice. For website owners seeming to grow and scale up then, a VPS is very recommended. If your website is extremely big for Shared Webhosting but very small to benefit from Dedicated Server Hosting then, a VPS is the correct choice for you.

Which server location should I take and why is it necessary? Which data center locations do you offer?

Our data center location all depends on where your website visitors are located. For example, your user base is mostly in Germany. For this reason, we suggest choosing the German data center. If your website audience appears to be expanded across Western Asia or Europe, we suggest the EU data center, which is in the Netherlands. If your audience is US-based, then the US data center location is suggested for you.

How long does it need to set up a DoctorHoster Webhosting account?

We are proud of the fact that the Webhosting setup is very instant. That means our new clients can get started straight away without delay. Just create your account and go through the setup process and you will be ready to log in and start managing the new Webhosting account instantly.

What kind of hosting do I need?

That depends – what kind of website do you have? And what’s your budget? Generally, Linux shared Webhosting is the most suitable place to start, and DoctorHoster’s Webhosting is suitable for almost any kind of website. Our hosting serves you to maintain the costs down during the early days of your website while enabling you to pay only for the resources that you need. If your website begins to take off, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan and pick some more resources. Eventually, every website is different. If you are not sure, why not get in touch with DoctorHoster’s team. So, we can chat with you and make a personalized recommendation based on your requirements?

What is Webhosting bandwidth?

You might already be familiar with the word “bandwidth” from your internet service provider. At its most simple level, bandwidth is a word that leads to how much data can pass along an internet connection.

When visitors reach your website, they send a request to the server and the server responds by serving up your website.

The related idea applies to your website. If many visitors are trying to access it at the same time, the pipe is filled up and the site starts to slow down and even stop working entirely. And your Webhosting bandwidth is what defines the width of that pipe.

What is a MySQL Database?

MySQL is an open-source database management system that works SQL (structured query language) to reach, add to and manage the content of the database. And it is an open-source tool which means that it is a common choice for software developers, that is why it makes the backbone of many of the multiple famous operating systems. Most recent content management systems (CMS) for example WordPress utilize it to store data. Every revision that you make in the CMS is recorded in the MySQL database, and then every time a visitor comes on the site, the content of that database is served up to them.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is a tiny data file that utilizes a cryptographic key to digitally match your company’s name with the files that are stored on your webserver. The purpose is to determine the identity of the publisher of a webpage and to decrease the possibility of a visitor entering delicate areas of a website without the proper security.

When any website has been secured with an SSL certificate, then a visitor can see a lock icon in their web browser, and they will be connected to the site by using the HTTPS:// protocol. With the SSL certificate in the area and the user entering the site through HTTPS, the connection between the browser and the Webhosting server has been secured and sensitive data can safely be transferred. That is why people do SSL certificates on their websites, especially for those who process credit card deals and other financial information. DoctorHoster offers a lifetime free SSL certificate with all hosting plans.

Will I get a free domain name?

Yes! DoctorHoster offering free domain registration or domain transfer with Linux shared hosting plans from Budget 2 to onward.

Can I buy Webhosting without a domain name?

Yes, you can buy. If you need to, you can buy domain names from elsewhere and point them to your server with DoctorHoster. If you need to keep your domain name and your website hosting unitedly under a single provider, which we would suggest for comfort and more effortless troubleshooting, then you can also transfer an existing domain name to DoctorHoster.

Can I upgrade my Webhosting plan as my website grows?

Yes! This is usually what we suggest, and it is one of the advantages of choosing DoctorHoster as your Webhosting provider. We make the upgrade system as simple as possible so that you can start on our budget plans and upgrade as your website rises to take off. We are there beside you at all times and we are ready to grow with you. Many other Webhosting providers will try to talk you into taking out plans that you do not need either want. We disagree with that, and we understand you should pay only for the resources that you need.

How can I be sure DoctorHoster hosting is safe & secure?

We take security very seriously because there is no point in having a website if you cannot be sure that it is safe from attack. We use DDOS & Exploit scanner to protect all our clients, and we go out of our way to guarantee that our servers are as powerful and secure as feasible. This includes running advanced and custom-built security software and these are regularly updating our infrastructure.

Can I install and run an eCommerce site on DoctorHoster hosting?

Of course, you can! We are all about serving our clients to get their businesses off the ground, and that means that we support eCommerce sites on any of our plans. You can also take the support of our auto-installers to set up a range of CMS (Content Management Systems) and eCommerce platforms.

What sort of assistance will I get?

Here at DoctorHoster, we pride ourselves on our support team. We call our support team our customer success team because we go the extra mile to make sure that our clients are as successful as feasible. If you have a query, no matter what it is that, then get in touch with us. We will do our best to fix it if it is something that is under control, and even if not, we will try to point you in the right place. Our customer success team is top-rated within the Webhosting industry, and we have a deep track record of doing everything in our power to support our customers. We answer quickly and completely and do not give up till we have discovered a solution. So if you are having a query, get in touch with us.

What are Unlimited Webhosting Plans?

Unlimited Webhosting” leads to Webhosting suggests that come with unlimited data transfer, unlimited disk storage, unlimited business email accounts, and unlimited addon domain.

What do you mean by unlimited websites in DoctorHoster?

At DoctorHoster, you can host unlimited domains, which means you can manage as many websites as per your requirement in under single Webhosting.

What is the unlimited database?

All “unlimited databases” indicate is that you can use as many as you want to run your website within the limits of the hard disk space. Of course, any Webhosting provider you choose will have its terms of service which you require to read.

What is the mean of unlimited bandwidth?

Bandwidth which also called data transfer leads to the amount of data permitted to pass to and from your website. Webhosting packages with unlimited bandwidth do not put a monthly cap on that amount of data transfer.

What is mean unlimited SSD storage?

Webhosting Storage, also recognized as disc space or data storage, leads to the amount of data you can have on your Webhosting account. When a Webhosting plan allows unlimited storage, there is no limit to the amount of storage you can use for your website or email, but you will run into other conditions if your site becomes too big.

How do I host unlimited websites?

DoctorHoster is a popular Webhosting provider that allows a range of affordable hosting plans. In which, they offer Unlimited Webhosting packages which start from Unlimited 1 to Unlimited 4. If you want to host unlimited websites, then you may go with the Unlimited 4 package.


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