Installation Guide -How to Install WordPress using Softaculous – DoctorHoster


Difficulty Level: Beginners
Time Required: 2-5 minutes
Coding Required: No

WordPress installation has never been so easy before. By following this WordPress installation guide you will be able to install WordPress within few clicks.

  • Go to “Software” Section and click on “Softaculous Apps Installer”
  • After click on “Softaculous Apps Installer”, you will move to next page and here you will find “WordPress”, click on this.
  • Click on “WordPress” then you will move to next page, then click on “Install” or “Install Now”.
  • After Click on “Install Now”, you will move to next page, and here follow the below steps:

A- Software Setup

Choose the version you want to install:

It is recommended to choose the latest version available at the time of installation

Choose installation URL:

“Choose Protocol”: It is recommended to select “https://”.

“Choose Domain”: In case you have multiple domains in your CPanel account you can switch your domain from this drop-down.

“In Directory”: If you want to install WordPress to root domain for e.g. “” keep “In Directory” empty.

B- Site Settings

Site Name :

In this input field, you need to enter the name/title fo your website (Can be changed afterwards).

Site Description:

You need to enter your website description in this input field (Can be changed afterward).

C- Admin Account

In these fields, you need to enter your admin panel login details which you want to set for future authentication.

D- Choose Language

You can select your prefered language in this feild.

E- Select Plugins

This section is optional you can select any plugin if needed

F- Select Theme

In this section, you can select one them that you want to start with (Can be changed afterward).

G- Finalize Installation

That’s it now you need to click on the “Install” button. Additionally, you can add an email address in the below input to forward the installation details.


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